Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey guys! :D Jane here. Yeps the shirt results are out! Majority chose Meiwei's White base design! However, both have the same voting! So i was thinking if we take Design 1 word font to Design 2 ? O.O how about that? And Chris suggest to use Val's back and Meiwei's front. Any other better suggestions? Give me more feeedback ASAP! So we can wear during the MASS OUTING!! :D

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hey DEAREST tikey-mates.
IITSC had organise a event for all of us! pls do support ya =D


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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello everybody! Long time no see. Miss you all lah! Posting today for Desmond. I think.. quite alot of the others already heard of his injury right? So, for those who dont, here's and exclusive picture of Desmond. He dislocated and fracture his arm. Please express your greatest condolences to him if you ever see him or if you wish to contact him, you can email him @ Sorry, this is quite late but just show your concerns! :) Thank you! Oh ya, who is going to organize the next Tikey outing?? Hurry hurry man! See ya all soon!

Oh ya, Please please do the voting of the shirts if not we will just go with the number of people who have voted. Majority overrides. Thank you!
Lots of love,
Emerlyn :D

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had send everyone the survey regarding the T-Shirt! Please do them ASAP if you haven done so! If you did not recieve the Email. Please ask the link from me ya! :D Thanks!


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Friday, September 26, 2008

There will be an IITSC charity event tomorrow (27/09/08). Come if you have the time.

Venue:Kovan CC
Attire:Blue Ol tee, jeans and covered shoes

Seal points awarded!

Anything can call me 91163183.

Nicholas Soon

Wu Wu Wu Wu RAWR 11:18 PM

white base -1
white base- 2

orange base 1

orange base 2

hey guys! i have come out with another tikey tee design. erm just wanna share with you all.hope you guys like it =))
cheers; mw

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry everybody. I apologise for not turning up on the long waited outing. I know Im the one who organized it and in the end, I dint turn up. Really really sorry. SORRRRRYYYY! GOMENASAI! Haha. Alright, we got a new outing. It's with Cratis and Vigress to Snow City.

Date: 2nd October

This is a good chance to know people from there ok! So pls let me know if you all are going or not. IM REALLY GOING FOR THAT! Unless something really bad happens ok. Haha. Eh snow city fun leh. SO JUST COME OK! :D Please let me know asap. Latest by 1st october. Post your comments on Tikey's tagboard. Anyway, let's give our congrats to Wee you and his team for winning today's basketball in the Director's cup. Wee you's team against Sunny's team 32-15. WOOHOO. But anyway, good job there Sunny. He was super cool lah. Even though he injured his thumb, he really wanted to help his team. GOOD EFFORT MAN! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for wee you and sunny! Hip hip HURRAY! Hip hip HURRAY! Hip hip HURRAY! :D * Applauses * Alright, tmr's jane's and my game. :D Take care everybody. Sayonnara!

Lots of love,
Emerlyn :D

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GirlGirl FA: Surin - 5 Oct


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Jiabao - 11 Aug
Jerven - 2 Aug
Jasmine - 9 Nov
Jane - 14 May
MeiWei - 29 July
Nicholas - 25 Feb
Sunny - 27 Oct
Valenisha - 2 Nov
WeeYou - 25 Sept
XueYuan - 9 March
ZhiCong - 29 Sept

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